Welcome to my website. I am Dilip Ramadas. I’m an alien from planet Htrae and I’ve superpowers! Nah…Just kidding. I’m an earthling! The person in the below picture is ME! 🙂

By profession, I’m a Business Analyst. In my career, I’ve worked as an employee, freelance, and also consultant in my spare time. My job greatly revolves around researching new tech in a given industry, research for locations for a new startup, marketing/product placement strategies, analytics, and automation. While doing so I have always tried my best to learn as is possible. My interest areas are analytics, MS Excel, VBA, WordPress, Learning, Organic farming, etc.

I am a great listener and a maverick. There are a lot of things in this brain of mine, which I am keen to share! At that very moment, I decided to create a forum to help people with what I know about.

I created dilipramadas.com as a simple project to promote my skills and learn more by helping others. And of course, I have a ton of pictures to upload, share, and let the world know that I can click some photos too! But not to create a cliché “first name last name Photography” brand. I just got a hold of my friend’s camera and not to mention, I decided to use my phone to click some good photos.

Here, I will share my knowledge in MS Excel, VBA, and SQL. Feel free to ask me questions on these. I will try my best to provide an answer. Sometimes it might take a little time as I have a full-time job.